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“Purpose” is a familiar concept in marketing circles but among consumers, the demand for purpose-driven brands has never been greater. The challenge for brands today is to connect in a way consumers find genuinely compelling, meaningful and valuable. Hear how these leaders build trust in an era of cynicism, create diverse connections despite a trend toward political tribalism and divisiveness, reimagine the role of marketing to build platform brands that inspire social change – and drive breakthrough results.

Increasingly, consumers want to know what a brand stands for, how its values align with their own, and whether brand engagement will not only meet their individual aspirations…but perhaps even point the way to collective progress. The sentiment may seem lofty, but in the current climate the need runs deep. We’re a far cry from feel-good marketing and artificial activism. A number of successful marketers are rising to the moment and connecting with consumers in a way they find genuinely and personally meaningful, by combining brand artistry with new levels of performance technology, data, and analytics. They’re achieving competitive differentiation by understanding profound societal needs. One example is Ancestry, whose billion-dollar breakout year was highlighted by a TV commercial praised as one of the most remarkable brand statements of 2017, and a Black Friday to Cyber Monday sales record for the most personal product on earth. View Less

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  1. Learn how to achieve competitive differentiation by understanding societal needs
  2. Learn how to reimagine the role of marketing to build brands that inspire social change and drive results
  3. Learn how to build trust with consumers in an era of cynicism, political tribalism and divisiveness


Henry Louis Gates Jr. Alphonse Fletcher University Professor and Director of the Hutchins Center for African and African American Research Harvard University
Brent Choi Former President, Canada & Chief Creative Officer, Global Brands J. Walter Thompson
Vineet Mehra Global Chief Marketing Officer Ancestry
Dyllan McGee CEO & Executive Producer at McGee Media & Founder & Executive Producer of MAKERS McGee Media, MAKERS

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