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Before brands connect with consumers, marketers need confidence that they’ve got their REAL audience and they know exactly what makes them tick.

It’s no mean feat. In the digital age where information is available on demand, consumers are increasingly fickle and constantly searching for things that matter to them, in the moments they care. By listening to these signals of intent, by ‘thinking outside of the demographic box’ and by being less distracted by their ‘perceived’ audiences, the reality of their true audience could be staring them right in the face.

Expect the unexpected as Captify’s CEO & co-founder, Dominic Joseph along with a leading brand discuss how real-time dynamic data is the gateway to their audience truth. This session is built for brand marketers and media planners challenged with creating their ultimate audience white space in competitive markets.

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Matt Prohaska CEO & Principal Prohaska Consulting
Emma Armstrong Managing Director – New York iCrossing
Jed Dederick VP Business Development The Trade Desk
Dominic Joseph CEO & Co-founder Captify
Laurel Rossi CMO, OMD Co Founder Creative Spirit

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