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When you have bad data—or don’t trust data—the result is often wasted ad spend. That’s why clients need greater visibility into measurement and accurate insight into campaign performance. Channel KPIs traditionally provided clients perspective to make their decisions, but that time has passed. Today, clients must focus on KPIs that align results to customer experience. This session will address how clients can use customer KPIs to obtain accurate measurement and attribution, and fuel future decisioning.

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  1. How to identify lifecycle gaps in your customer experience.
  2. The role of customer and value KPIs when prioritizing marketing activities and investments.
  3. How to deploy a multi-tiered marketing effectiveness framework.

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Rob Cosentino SVP Strategic Consulting Epsilon and Conversant
Lauren Fisher Principal Analyst eMarketer
Catrina Logan Boisson Marketing and Customer Experience SME Watson Customer Engagement
Orchid Richardson Vice President and Managing Director, Data Center of Excellence IAB
Lee Boykoff SVP, Digital A+E Networks

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