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It’s a fact of working life—sometimes the most thoughtful and organized feats don’t always go according to plan. When it comes to marketing campaigns with so many moving parts and the fickle world of social media, this can be especially true. How you emerge from missteps can massively influence future success and opportunity. This panel will have a frank discussion about attitudes around failure and how to pivot when you sense things are going awry, with practical advice for those at any stage of their career.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How to create and maintain a healthy attitude about failure.
  2. How to take a proactive approach; knowing when to pivot, and how.
  3. How to weather the storm and guiding your team’s morale.
  4. How to use failures as learning experiences.

Presented with


H.B. Duran Reporter AList
Monica Halpert CMO Sundance Institute
Vimla Gupta CMO Equinox
Gene Foca CMO Getty Images
Dara Treseder Chief Marketing Officer GE Ventures

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Event Type Workshop