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While the automation of advertising via OTT and CTV may still be in the early stages, these viewing channels hold the potential to revolutionize the way the ad industry thinks about TV ad budgets. Consumers’ growing preference for flexible viewing has led to a significant move away from traditional TV programming, and will ultimately result in a massive shift in how brands think about spending their ad dollars. This panel will discuss the current state of CTV and what's to come in the next 12 months.

Following the audiences, it’s safe to predict a bright future for advertising in both OTT and CTV, but before that happens, the industry will need to address one major hurdle: Fragmentation. Business practices, processes and relationships built over the last several decades are changing and new players have shaken up the status quo with the promise to bring increased efficiency at scale which has come at a cost. Too many players - content owners, technology companies, audience measurement, ad insertion players -- are crowding the space and causing a roadblock to success.

This panel will discuss the latest innovations in the space, what steps can be taken in the next 12 months to make immediate progress, where the industry will be a few years down the road and their predictions for which companies have the best shot at the throne in OTT.
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  1. Learn about the latest advertising innovations in the CTV/OTT space for brands and content owners
  2. Gain a deeper understanding into the hurdles that need to be cleared in order to continue rapid innovation
  3. Hear predictions on who the top CTV / OTT players will be in the next 12 months.

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Bill Simmons CTO and Co-Founder DataXu
Jodie McAfee SVP Inscape at Vizio
Jason White Senior Vice President & GM of Global Programmatic Revenue & Partnerships CBS Interactive
Rae Paoletta Senior Editor, TV and Video AdExchanger
Roy Firestone Head of VIdeo OpenX

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