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What are memes – and what do they reflect about culture, in terms of how we communicate and co-create? In this session, learn the rules of the road from the meme masters at Reddit and creativity experts at Grey. Learn how brands must be increasingly flexible and take cues from the meme space to inform content beyond their original marketing plans. Get inspired by a meme culture predicated on transparency and authenticity to advance your brands.

Memes are the primary language of the digital zeitgeist. And the memes we encounter are no accident – their various formats are constantly evolving in competitive content environments, and much like in biological evolution, only the most successful meme mutations survive and propagate. But what are memes, really? What do they reflect about culture, in terms of the ways we communicate and create together? Reddit is very frequently the origin of the Internet’s favorite memes; what catches fire there burns brightly across the world afterwards. And Grey is a creative agency charged with helping brand marketers create famously effective cultural impact to drive business results. Together, they'll help explain the history of memes, their cultural significance and how brands can apply that thinking and creative process to their own work. They’ll explore how content evolves online and what all of this means for brands eager to stay relevant in the competitive world of digital content. View Less

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  1. Meme culture is predicated on transparency and authenticity. Brands who want to play in this space need to know the rules of the road.
  2. Brands need to be flexible and treat this as content separate from their original marketing plan. In fact, they can take cues from this space to inform their content.
  3. Brands need to know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em.


Joe Federer Brand Strategy Reddit
Kenny Gold Director, Social Media Grey
Katherine O'Brien Creative Director Grey

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