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From undergoing a digital renaissance, to investing in new ways to successfully tell engaging stories, B2C brands are continuing to transform in a world of digitally savvy consumers. This panel will dive deep into how the likes of Loreal, COTY and more are evolving in order to align with conscious consumers who seek out authenticity, and how they – from legacy brands to the newcomers – are investing in innovative branded content technology that aligns with their audience’s beliefs and today’s consumption habits.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How to ensure that the stories we tell are honest, engaging and told in such a way that our message cuts through the noise.
  2. Technology solutions in place to help brands be on the right (and safe) side of the content line.
  3. The right metrics of success to focus on in order to determine if a campaign or story achieved meaningful impact.v
  4. How to win over consumers' fleeting attention spans - and shift perceptions - through personalized, interactive, visually-stunning content.
  5. How to hold authentic conversations between brands and consumers, and case studies that showcase key examples.
  6. The importance of producing/distributing involving content that engages users.

Presented with


Kerry Flynn Marketing Reporter Digiday
Sivonne D. Vice President of Marketing L'Oréal USA
Cheryl Dixon Vice President, Communications & Public Relations COTY
Kate Santore Content Excellence Lead Coca-Cola
Shachar Orren Chief Storytelling Officer Playbuzz

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