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Leading CMOs took the stage last year to express their dissatisfaction with the current state of digital advertising, so has progress been made a year later? This panel discussion featuring three influential CMOs and led by OpenX CEO Tim Cadogan will dive deep into the current state of trust in digital advertising through the lens of the decision makers themselves. Key topics will include how CMOs are tackling quality challenges, whether progress has been made, and where they see the industry 12 months from now.

With the CMO position being easily one of the most scrutinized roles in the c-suite gaining insight into the way leading brands are tackling digital is critical to success. Often tasked with building a memorable brand, managing the company’s reputation and deploying marketing strategies that tie back to measurable success, CMOs have a lot of responsibility. And now with a rapidly changing digital ecosystem they’re being called on to become programmatic experts. Hear from three of the world's most influential CMOs about how they're combatting fraud, quality, trust and brand safety concerns while still achieving success in digital. View Less

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  1. Demonstrate how to strike a balance between evolving your business and expanding your customer base while remaining authentic and true to your existing customers.
  2. Understand the importance of trust, which goes hand in hand with authenticity, and how consumers, who hold more power now than ever before, feel about your brand.
  3. How to leverage emerging technology to enhance your marketing strategy and understand how it shapes the way you think about interacting with consumers.

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Tim Cadogan CEO OpenX
Raja Rajamannar Chief Marketing & Communications Officer Mastercard
Jessica Rodriguez CMO Univision
Meredith Verdone CMO Bank of America

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