In this session...

In the age of customer centricity, marketers are using AI to better understand their customer needs and behaviors in real time. Brands are now harnessing AI-powered technology to transform how, when and where they engage with consumers.

Join us for this panel session as we explore how brands are using AI today, how to get started and the pitfalls to avoid.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How to reap the benefits of using AI in your business domain
  2. How to us AI to optimize ad spend and impact
  3. How to unite AdTech + MarTech to fully connect your pre- and post-purchase customer journeys
  4. How to leverage the power of AI using Watson intelligence throughout your marketing and media programs

Presented with


Michael Bordash Distinguished Engineer, AI Incubator & Chief Platform Engineer IBM
Dan Rosenberg Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer MediaMath
Alexandra Sardarian Worldwide Product Marketing, Watson Marketing IBM

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