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As consumers become increasingly more diverse, brands and agencies are struggling to leverage diversity and inclusion as a business strategy. We need to get out of our comfort zones and change the way we think about everything.

‘Good’ is a word that is rarely used in conjunction with business and culture, but increasingly consumers around the world are demanding more of the brands they purchase. Learn how prioritizing diversity and inclusion shapes brands and agencies both internally and externally.

Miami Ad School is committed to diversity with an inclusion rate that far exceeds that of the advertising industry today. Pippa Seichrist, Co-Founder of the school and a panelist on this session, is devoted to that cause and recently awarded $200,000 in minority scholarships.

We will be highlighting some of these Miami Ad School students and alumni, who will be discussing their experiences in advertising.
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  1. The landscape of America is becoming ever more diverse, so should your brand strategy
  2. Brands can reshape the beliefs, mindsets, and values that are the underpinnings for social change and action
  3. Key case studies of how brands and agencies successfully leverage diversity and inclusion in business strategy

Presented with


Bobby Jones Author Good Is the New Cool
Poorna Jagannathan Actor & Producer
Sheba Lee Student Miami Ad School at Portfolio Center
Pippa Seichrist Cofounder Miami Ad School Global Network
Sarai Wingate Student Miami Ad School at Portfolio Center
Paul Woolmington CEO Canvas Worldwide
Kien Quan Content Creator 360i

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