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The consumer journey is no longer elusive. Advanced marketing attribution has solved it. But MTA is at best a backwards-facing exercise if you can’t activate your learnings to make your optimization smarter. DMP’s are great at last click, but aren’t the integrated end-to-end system they purport to be. But what if…join Neustar to talk about what happens when your marketing intelligence and analytics platform actually goes forwards, backwards and end-to-end and learn what journey intelligence can do for your marketing.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Discover how a leading brand has achieved marked results by using MTA audiences to buy media
  2. Explore the possibilities of audiences who are most likely to respond to media and how that drives superior revenue incrementality
  3. Learn how to build an end-to-end system of measurement and media activation

Presented with


Julie Fleischer VP Product Marketing - Marketing Solutions Neustar
Salim Sitafalwalla Director Consumer and Competitive Insights AT&T
Kristin Volkmann Director, Media AT&T Prepaid Portfolio AT&T
Michael Venables Executive Director Hearts & Science

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