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Smart marketers understand that to unlock the true value of digital, they need to bring data, analytics, and talent to their media. Such a strategy can unlock insights and actions to continually move brands closer to their desired business outcomes while improving the user experience.
So, what happens when you move to outcomes? And where does AI come into play?

How can AI move marketers closer to the outcomes that matter, and how sophisticated to does a marketer really need to be, to leverage AI?

In this session, hear from those who are building and running AI on behalf of marketers all over the world.

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What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How progressive marketers are leveraging data, humans and technology to unlock the true value of digital
  2. What advantages can marketers derive from custom models applied to AI?
  3. How are real marketers creating custom models?
  4. What questions to ask on the path to creating custom proxies
  5. How to work with your partners to unlock value

Presented with


Lauren Johnson Senior advertising Reporter Business Insider
Kathleen Comer VP, Client Services The Trade Desk
Abraham Greenstein Director of Data Science Appnexus
Diaz Nesamoney Founder, President & CEO Jivox
Matt Sweeney CEO, North America Xaxis

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