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When Marketing is constantly changing, what is the path for career growth for the next generation?

The recently formed Marketing Standards Board is tackling these challenges by working to define and assess the skills needed to succeed. For nearly a year, they have been meeting to craft a framework to explain career progression for the next wave of leaders, and to create a path for merit-based recognition.

The panelists will discuss why it is necessary to unpack modern marketing careers, and how new standards can help both marketing organizations and aspiring marketers to succeed.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Shifting skill requirements, as marketing responsibilities grow from brand and media mix to encompass technology, data and measurement
  2. Digital specializations leading to narrow skill sets not suited to leadership roles, which increasingly require synthesis across channels and touchpoints


Seth Rogin President & CEO Nucleus Marketing Solutions
Matt DelRe Director of Performance Solutions Google
Gail Horwood SVP, Integrated Marketing Kellogg Company
Kieran Luke GM Credentials at General Assembly General Assembly
Micky Onvural CEO Bonobos
Gretchen Saegh-Fleming CMO L'Oréal USA

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