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Personalization, online reviews and ratings from experts and consumers, multi-channel engagements, roadblocks, brand advocacy, privacy, multiple touch points -- a ton of terms, a ton of concerns – but what’s really happening? The customer journey is changing for good with the lion's share of consideration happening on digital platforms. We’ll give you a totally current analysis and assessment of the impact of the new customer journey on categories such as automotive and skincare. We will tell you what factors play a role for considerers and what makes them into advocates of your brand.

MavenMagnet, a multinational big data research company, through analysis of thousands of consumer conversations, has the ability to provide the nuance and texture of qualitative research and project them on a validated, projectable scale. This panel will take the findings and insights and provide assessment of the impact on their categories and marketing strategy.


Cleve Langton Board Member MAVENMAGNET
Stephanie Anderson CMO & Strategy Officer AI Media Group
Jordan Grossman Executive Vice President, Advertising Sales GasBuddy

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