Mort Aaronson

For the past 10 years, Mort Aaronson has served as chairman of GreyMatters, a business incubator that restructured the assets of Mallfinder Network, subsequently creating PlaceWise Media®. As its chairman and CEO, Aaronson has led PlaceWise Media to become the largest network of mall shoppers in the United States. Under his leadership, PlaceWise Media recently launched Shoptopia®, an online and mobile digital shopping companion, extending the shopper-marketing network’s reach to every shopper in the country and more than a million retail locations. Shoptopia is PlaceWise Media’s realization of a Waste-Free AdvertisingSM environment on a 1:1 shopper marketing platform.

Aaronson’s unique background in online community building, consumer bundling, advertising, communications and wireless has given him keen insight into the consumer. He served as chairman of Morey Evans Group Advertising for five years and helped incubate Motive, an award-winning digital and experiential marketing agency recently acquired by Project: WorldWide. As CEO of, he pioneered the now ubiquitous business practice of consumer service bundling. As CEO of Ricochet Networks, he worked with local communities to activate Internet services in underserved areas. At MCI, he oversaw the marketing, planning, support and operations of its $8 billion business markets division and played an instrumental role in the company’s investment in NewsCorp. And during his tenure as president and chief operating officer of KN Energy, the company became the first deregulated utility company in the United States. Aaronson has an undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a graduate degree in direct marketing from New York University.