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How can smartphones empower consumers to chart a path to a healthier life? Join CarePass® from Aetna and some of its app partners – Fooducate, MapMyFitness, SparkPeople and Withings – in a roundtable discussion about how data aggregation can help make health more convenient, connected and personalized.

Smartphones are empowering consumers to engage in their health more easily than ever before – by enabling new ways to collect data on everyday habits like activity and eating. Martha Wofford leads the CarePass® platform, delivering simple solutions to help consumers navigate the healthcare system. CarePass® from Aetna is a digital health and wellness platform that helps you set health goals and guides you to apps that will help you achieve those goals. View Less


Martha Wofford Vice President, Head of CarePass Platform Aetna
Chris Downie CEO SparkPeople, Inc.
Christopher Glode General Manager MapMyFitness
Philippe Schwartz President Withings, Inc.
Hemi Weingarten CEO Fooducate

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