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The business between brands, agencies and celebrities is evolving and the message to the consumer has to be authentic, but what are the other key factors necessary to succeed and how do you cultivate them? Join The Round Table Creative Media Group as we discuss brand and technology best practices, how celebrities use their influence and what it takes to drive awareness in today’s ever-changing social-scape. Presented with Refinery 29 & Columbia Records Creative Agency.

As technology has advanced and become more sophisticated, so has the relationship between brands, artists and celebrities, and the way they manage their own brand.

In a simpler time endorsements was a simple transaction conveyed across a limited number of outlets. Today the relationship has to be sophisticated, measurable and authentic, and take into consideration the talents own stance on social issues, it’s no longer enough for a star to simply lend their voice and face to a brand.
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Presented with


Glenn Johnson Co-Founder RTCMG
Nathan Coyle EVP, Head Business Development Refinery 29
Todd English Founder & CEO Todd English Enterprises
Ron Faris Founder/CEO of Virgin Special Projects Virgin
Elliot Lum VP, Strategic Marketing Columbia Records Creative Agency
Stephanie Paciullo Agent, Commercial Endorsements Creative Artists Agency (CAA)

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