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The Institutional Era is over, and the Human Era is here. Join Hill Holliday, Bank of America and Lippincott for a discussion about the critical transition from the Institutional Era to the Human Era, featuring Bank of America, which has based its brand re-launch and business strategy around this shift.

In the past four decades we’ve witnessed a steady decline of trust in institutions of all kinds. The seeds of this shift began as people became more responsible for their own futures — the end of pensions, the end of a life-long job at the same company, the end of a corporation that built our cities and towns. At the same time, we’ve seen a steady increase in trust in the opinions of other “people like me.” Fueled by technology and social media, people are demanding power and control — over the companies they choose to work with and the brands they embrace. How can a brand use this information to re-imagine itself, change its relationship with its customers and shape its own future?
Presented by Hill Holliday
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Adam Cahill EVP, Dir. Digital Strategy Hill Holliday
Graham Ritchie Chief Strategy Officer Hill Holliday
John Marshall Sr. Partner, Global Director of Strategy Lippincott
Meredith Verdone SVP, Enterprise Marketing & Market President executive Bank of America
Rupal Parekh Deputy Managing Editor Advertising Age

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