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Remember when the Big Idea was the new, most effective approach to marketing? Now Big Data suggests another revolution. There’s a lot more to the efficacy of either approach than results. How about careers and the ‘client+agency’ relationship? In this vibrant discussion sponsored by hot indie shop Merkle, you’ll hear first-hand accounts that illuminate the realities of merging, managing and innovating both Big Ideas and Big Data in today’s economy.

Just because it’s real-time, micro-personalized and optimized doesn’t always mean Big Data wins. Not if the results you’re after are more nuanced, subjective or political. Where are today’s innovative clients placing their bets? Are Big Data’s binary results always the right answer? When are Big Ideas more effective than Big Data?

You’ll walk away with keen insights to create more persuasive and more compelling consumer experiences.
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Emily Culp Former VP Global Digital Consumer Marketing & Media; Former Director of Social Strategy & Emerging Platforms, Unilever Brand Innovator's 40 Under 40
Melissa Grady VP, eBusiness MetLife
Matthew Moller Director of Digital Engagement Samsung Electronics America
Mark A. Weninger Chief Creative Officer Merkle, Inc.

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