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An in-depth panel that looks at the challenges and benefits of two-screen advertising, providing attendees insight from a comprehensive research study conducted by The Pool.

Consumers are increasingly interacting with television on their second screens. Tweeting, shopping, researching show plots and spoilers, chatting with friends and more. It’s no secret that more people are engaging with their tablet and mobile phones while they watch TV, but marketers are still grappling with how to build true engagement and create experiences that enhance TV content.

This panel will uncover the findings of a comprehensive six-month research study, led by VivaKi's The Pool, that focused on two-screen TV viewing. One major brand will share their experience working with a leading publisher and four research partners to conduct qualitative (focus groups, eye-tracking) and quantitative (attitudinal and behavioral) research on desktop, mobile and tablet devices. Panelists will discuss the major challenges and opportunities that exist for second-screen advertising.

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Becky McAninch Director, MiO & Refreshment Beverages Innovation Kraft Foods
Beth Doyle VP Innovations VivaKi
Deborah Brett VP Mobile Advertising Viacom Media Networks
Jason Forbes EVP & Managing Director zeebox USA
Mo Renganathan SVP, Group Director, Digital & Innovation MediaVest USA

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