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The proliferation of tablets and smartphones has given TV advertisers, buyers, programmers, operators and marketers a new way to reach viewers with a treasure trove of new engagement, personalization and recommendation capabilities. Learn from 2nd screen pioneers who are working with top brands and their agencies by adding a companion experience to both content and advertisements on TV.

2nd screen consumer experiences are changing the way viewers consume and interact with their television and favorite shows. To enable this two-screen experience an entirely new ecosystem of services and marketing models are being tested and rolled out to consumers through emerging partnerships of technology start-ups, operators, brands and their network TV partners. View Less

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Guy Finley Executive Director 2nd Screen Society/MESA
Robert Gekchyan Chief Technology Officer Deluxe Media, Creative Group
Jason George Chief Executive Officer Telescope
Kelly Moulton Chief Commercial Officer
Ashwin Navin Chief Executive Officer Flingo/Samba
Chuck Parker Chief Revenue Officer Unicorn Media

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