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The ANA and 4A’s believe there is an opportunity to further improve the productivity of the agency search: a new business process, for both agencies and advertisers, to develop specific best practice guidance tools around the subject of briefings throughout the review process. In this session you will hear about the various considerations at each stage in order to ensure a successful process.

The 4A’s/ANA task force believes that every phase of a review, or agency search, requires a thoughtful briefing that provides specific direction to the agency. The review process should provide escalating information to the agencies as the review progresses – from the initial phases of a review (e.g. RFI, Credentials) to the later phases of reviews (including any strategic and/or speculative work and finals presentations).

Each review phase warrants different types and levels of client briefing information:

Initial List/RFI Phase

Semi-Finalists/RFP Phase

Finalist Phase

Agency selection is an important strategic decision. Briefings matter.

Each phase of the review process creates the opportunity to expand the interaction between client and agency teams. Briefings matter. Best practice briefing practices enhance the likelihood of selecting an appropriate and culturally compatible marketing partner. View Less


Claudia Caplan Chief Marketing Officer RP3
Edward McFadden Senior Group Manager, Partner Management Target Corporation
Eve Reiter Vice President, Marketing Category Management and Agency Relations American Express Company
Kristin Bloomquist EVP General Manager Cramer-Krasselt
Rupal Parekh Deputy Managing Editor Advertising Age

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