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Join Donna Kalajian Lagani, SVP/Publishing Director of Cosmopolitan and Cosmopolitan for Latinas and panel members Chelsea Krost, TV and radio host and millennial expert; Monique Coleman, actress, singer and youth activist; Maria Ramirez, Multicultural Public Relations Expert, and Christine Hassler, author of The 20 Something Manifesto for a discussion of how millennials are shaping the present and owning the future.
Presented by Cosmopolitan and Cosmopolitan for Latinas
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Donna Kalajian Lagani SVP & Publishing Director Cosmopolitan & Cosmopolitan for Latinas
Monique Coleman Actress, Advocate, Founder
Christine Hassler Author The 20 Something Manifesto
Chelsea Krost TV & Radio Host, Millennial Expert
Maria Ramirez Multicultural Public Relations Expert Alison Brod Public Relations

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Event Type Seminar