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Be ready to challenge your assumptions about marketing to millennials. Hear directly from high school and college students, and empower them as your brand advocates. Featuring new student research, young entrepreneurs, student panelists and marketing experts.

  • New research providing insight into how today’s students think, why they buy and what makes them act

  • Anthropologist and author Grant McCracken – on winning the hearts and minds of today’s young consumers

  • Mike Marriner, founder of Roadtrip Nation (as seen on PBS), and Jennifer Enderlin of the AT&T Foundation – sharing how a post-college roadtrip turned into a national movement empowering students to define their own roads in life

  • Alexis Glick, TV personality and CEO of the GENYOUth Foundation, interviewing Zak Malamed, Student Voice founder, and other young change makers including social entrepreneurs Charles Orgbon and Emily-Anne Rigal and filmmaker Andrew Jenks on breaking through and building a personal brand

  • Brent Poer, president of LiquidThread, a division of Starcom MediaVest Group

  • Columbia’s Center on Global Brand Leadership on constraint and creativity

  • VCU Brandcenter on sharpening your competitive edge
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    Presented with


    Elizabeth Harz VP, Business Development Chegg
    Jennifer Enderlin Sr. Project Mgr, Philanthropy AT&T Foundation
    Alexis Glick CEO GENYOUth Foundation
    Andrew Jenks Filmmaker
    Zak Malamed Founder Student Voice
    Mike Marriner Founder Roadtrip Nation
    Grant McCracken Anthropologist & Author
    Charles Orgbon Social Entrepreneur
    Brent Poer President LiquidThread
    Emily-Anne Rigal Social Entrepreneur

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