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Join Shelly Palmer as he takes you on a Virtual Tour of the Connected World. You'll travel to a connected home, workplace, shopping center, super market, municipal space and park through a series of live narrated, custom curated videos. You'll see product demonstrations which illustrate the remarkable changes in consumer behavior empowered by technology and, learn how advertising and marketing must adapt.

The speech will explore the extraordinary changes inspired by smartphone and tablet technology, how wearable computing technology is changing FMCG, QSR, Automotive and health and wellness consumer behavior and how you can profit from it.

- Where's the new screen real estate?

- How does life in the cloud impact content ownership and distribution?

- What is the role of Data-Driven Marketing and Big Data?

- How will you incorporate location-based tools?

- Where does social media fit in?

- What techniques must be invented or adapted to how we all live and work in a Connected World?

Shelly Palmer's Connected World Virtual Tour will get you motivated and excited about the exceptional opportunities ahead.

Key Take-Aways

- Learn about the state-of-the-art in connected and connectable technology.

- Help you understand the implications for your business.

- Give you action items that will help you drive your business forward.
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