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Join Nokia US and Cohn & Wolfe NA as they explore the role of advocacy marketing in the success of Nokia. The once dominant leader in mobile phones, Nokia is now regaining its market leadership with advanced technologies and design features. A dynamic duo will discuss how the team put together an integrated plan that gathered influencers and advocates in unique partnership programs.

At some point in most of our lives, we carried a Nokia cell phone. The brand was top of mind, in the hands and pockets of consumers all over the world. Through a series of design and technology innovations, this once dominant brand is regaining its market leadership right here, right now. The discussion will showcase examples of how the team of Nokia US (the client) and Cohn & Wolfe NA (the agency) engaged influencers, captured the attention of advocates, and ultimately sparked purchase interest for a series of new phones… with several uncommon partners along the way. View Less

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Jim Joseph President Cohn & Wolfe NA
Valerie Buckingham Head of Marketing, North America Nokia US

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