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Are you ignoring half of the purchase journey? The consumer journey has become incredibly complex in an ever-changing dynamic and competitive market; join MEC as we share a new approach to understanding and measuring how consumers make purchase decisions. Using the latest thinking in decision-making psychology, MEC Momentum provides deep insights into emotional engagement, brand commitment and the real drivers of brand choice.

MEC Momentum, one of the largest global studies ever undertaken into the shopper journey and psychology of choice, has examined the purchase decisions of over 100,000 consumers so far, across multiple categories and countries, through extensive qualitative and quantitative research. The results reveal unique insights in the way consumers now make their buying decisions.

MEC Momentum quantifies every stage of the shopper journey and identifies the stages of the customer journey where touch points can work harder, and be more efficient and distinctive. For the first time we’ve been able to truly get under the skin of how people make decisions, unpicking the beliefs, whether preconceived or not, that they have about brands and how these influence behavior, and the effect of brand communication.
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Damian Thompson Global Head of Consumer Insight, Analytics and Insight MEC
Pele Cortizo-Burgess Global Director, Integrated Planning MEC

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