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Would you like to know why Unilever, Nestlé and Sanofi prefer Rappi as their strategic ally to drive the exponential growth of their brands? In our panel, we will have 3 important guests who will tell us, from their experience, why they have chosen Rappi as a fundamental piece to achieve extraordinary results.

Rappi Monetization: The Retail Media platform that is transforming the market and achieving exponential growth through Innovation and Data for brands across industries.

With success stories from Unilever, Nestlé and Sanofi we will be able to make visible all the power that Rappi Monetization has to drive business in Latam; transforming data and 360 Insights from the real shopper into strategic and efficient actions that impact target audiences at their key moments of consumption, through strategies that guarantee an excellent user experience inside and outside the app. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Shopper of the future (trends). Learn about the data to identify behaviors and predict trends.
  2. From data to actions: our solutions allow us to impact thousands of users at key consumption moments through fullfunnel strategies that guarantee an excellent user experience inside and outside the app.
  3. Never before has been so easy to access relevant audiences to your brands at the right time through an ideal channel! Find out more about #Amplify Self-Service here.
  4. Success stories that demonstrate our power as Rappi to become a retail media platform that drives the growth of our brands, are you going to miss it?

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Sebastian Alejandro Jaramillo Global Head of Pharma, Care and Beauty. Rappi Partner Rappi
Estela Adriana Diaz Sifuentes Head of eCommerce Nestlé
Estefania Lupercio Digital Transformation Lead Ice Cream Latin America and Mexico Unilever
Mariana Trejo Ecommerce Head Sanofi

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