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With the arrival and the exposure of the streaming platforms, it has allowed us to create a new space and have a new diversification of the content we consumed. However, this prolific era is not a synonym of an easy way for deliver new projects. The evolution of how we propose ideas and the unique scope of each platform has turn into the key guidelines for propose our ideas.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. The analysis of the offer and content, is the first step for the proposal of the project.
  2. The inputs of a right partnership are priceless.
  3. The universal themes acquire a different perception when they`re approach from a personal perspective.
  4. Flexibility is not a synonym of yield.
  5. The adaptation of the key idea is inevitable and constant.

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Sergio Pizzolante Film & TV Executive Producer & Agent
Sebastián Zurita Producer, Director, Writer, and Actor. Addiction House

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Track  Streaming & CTV