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Speaking with 30,000 consumers, world-renowned futurists, academics, authors and experts, we charted the long-term consumer trends shaping the decade.
The transformation we’ve seen so far in the 2020s is merely the springboard for an even faster-paced tomorrow - learn how brands are expected to invent the future instead of playing catch up with it. 

Consumers will outright reject brands that can’t demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. We are about to witness paradigm shifts in how consumers define their identity and an explosion of virtual environments where they’ll come together as communities and take a break from interruptive advertising. We will expect technology enhancements to the human body but, at the same time, place a greater premium on customer experiences where human interactions complement or supersede tech-enabled services.  View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Long-term trends shaping the future.
  2. How brands are transforming.
  3. Design for what's next.


Jeff Greenspoon Global President of Solutions Dentsu

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