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Thanks to the fact that the media has become a commodity, data has gained a very important value, which is why for years now everyone has been talking about it. The challenge is to move from words to action: how not only to have it but to use it, activate it and get results.

The digital media industry is characterized by the speed at which change happens. One of the most recent and relevant that we have all seen is that now, we stop talking about specific media and the conversation is focused on data and its use.

This caused the media to become a commodity, and naturally, data became extremely valuable. Now the problem is how to go from generating and storing data to leveraging it, activating it, enriching it and measuring its impact on digital campaigns, reducing the technological and operational friction and respecting the current legal privacy regulations in each territory. View Less

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  1. New ways to build personalized audiences.
  2. Possibilities of data collection and/or enrichment of 1st party data leveraged from media buying.
  3. Maximize data efficiency through user touch points.

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Luis Gutierrez Regional Commercial Director Self Services Adsmovil

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