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Throughout the course of his career, Gary Vaynerchuk has always been ahead of the curve. It started in 1996 when he transformed his family's wine business into one of the most successful e-commerce liquor stores in the country.

Next, Gary became one of the most influential and prolific content creators on the Internet. Today, his endeavors are endless. He’s a global advertising, media, publishing and retail powerhouse, and through it all, he has remained grounded.

From his perspectives on entrepreneurship, to social media, to NFTs and beyond, we’ll speak to Gary about the things he did right, the things he’s done wrong and the lessons that he’s learned along the way, and we’ll look to the future for his always on point predictions.

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Gary Vaynerchuk CEO & Co-Founder VaynerMedia
Michael Gewirtzman Global Vice President, Programming Advertising Week

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