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Today’s evolving and fragmented digital ecosystem has led to challenges in the way advertisers reach their audiences and measure success. That’s why verification companies like DoubleVerify have made it possible to measure both quality and performance uniformly across platforms, formats and devices around the world. These advancements in technology are becoming even more vital as advertisers tackle both economic and political turmoil and begin to demand better measurement in booming channels like CTV and social.

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  1. How LATAM advertisers can ensure they’re aligning their digital ads with suitable content — without limiting scale.
  2. The value in measuring media quality holistically — taking into account fraud, brand suitability, viewability and geo.
  3. Establishing a baseline of media quality to pave the way for performance optimizations.

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Sebastián Patrón Director Advertising Week LATAM
Jaime Valdes Enterprise Sales Director DoubleVerify

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Event Type Future Finders Interviews