Claudio Flores Thomas

Doctor in Journalism and Communication Sciences. Partner and Vice President of LEXIA Insights Solutions. Specialist in Market Research and Public Opinion. Doctor Cum Laude in Journalism and Communication Sciences from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​where he was awarded the extraordinary doctorate prize for his research contributions. Social comunicólogo by the UAM-X, won the Medal to the University Merit. He studied the Master in Communication at the UIA. Specialist in qualitative methodology, has designed, coordinated and executed research projects for 20 years in various fields: public evaluation, commitment, positioning, brand, institutional image and government, impact of health campaigns, valuation of audiovisual products, enrichment of advertising strategies, promotional plans, testing of creative concepts, tourist planning, agrochemicals. He has participated in research projects at the UIA, FLACSO, UAM, UNAM and UACH. He has been a professor of Communication Theory and Research at the Universidad Iberoamericana and the ITAM Metricas de Mercadotécnica. He is an enthusiastic supporter of using the research methodology with freedom and creativity.
He currently chairs the Mexican Association of Market Research and Public Opinion Agencies (AMAI) and is a member of the citizen council for UAM Radio. In addition, he is vice president of the guidelines and best practices committee of the IAB, is part of the Effies council and part of the council of campaigns of the Communication Council. In the area of ​​communication has a space every Monday in Public Agenda with Mario Campos where he presents his War of Narratives. On Wednesday he has an analysis of various topics in Bitácora Política at El Financiero Bloomberg and has several participations in the Martha Debayle program on W Radio.