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Grounding moments and provoking actions are lead by people that, instead of saying “look at me”, say “look at this”... those that say “This must change” and pave the path that other joins. In this keynote, Sarah and 4 special guests talk about the power of people and the importance of starting every conversation with them. Paola (@WeraKuri), Pedro (@pkumamoto), Rafa (@RafaelPoulain) and Vampipe (@vampipe) tell us how each made an impact by connecting with what people find important, funny and inspiring.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Twitter has the most valuable audiences when they are more receptive
  2. Start the conversation with the right audience
  3. Inspire through these speakers on the importance and power of connecting with what’s happening and the right audience

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Sarah Personette Vice President, Global Client Solutions for Twitter Twitter
Rafael Poulain Historian / Storyteller
Pedro Kumamoto Independent Politician
Paola Kuri Gender equality activist
Vampipe Creator

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