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The digital economy has brought new opportunity for development and innovation in every business sector. While the majority is “good innovation”, we continue to see a significant gap at a societal level, driven both by a continued disparity in access to technology based on socio-economic factors, and by personal experiences and cultural nuances. In today’s hyper-sensitive media landscape, how should brands and publishers address this gap and navigate the notion of truth and authenticity? If we are to derive one truth from the digital economy it is this: trust is not an issue, it is the issue.

With 88% of marketers making trust in their brand a priority for 2019, Ruth Stubbs shares how brands, publishers, technologists and consumers are all navigating the new trust equation. This conversation tackles issues around brand ethics, data safety, and how we understand the link between trust in brands and the consumer’s role on the market.

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Ruth Stubbs President iProspect

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