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With a tenfold growth in screen time consumption in the last ten years, it is not a surprise if you haven’t had the time to stop and ask yourself what are you buying: eyeballs or attention.
Is there a difference?
The answer to this question may just be the first step into driving media effectiveness.
With mobile capturing twice the attention than TV and the cost for attention at an all time high, we have to rethink storytelling as we know it and transform fragmentation into long-term value for your brand

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Screen addiction is real and so is media waste
  2. Brand safety and budget safety can coexist
  3. Why is attention scarce and costly?
  4. How is audio and computer vision shaping the future of advertising?
  5. Contextual and behavioral targeting, where you appear matters and why?
  6. Why premium audiences is the new black -- no more sitelists
  7. Optimize ad spend and improve audience reach

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Lara Krumholz VP Latin America DynAdmic
Valerie Behr Head Of Sales Latin America DynAdmic
Mauricio Sabogal Chairman DAN Media Latam, Dentsu Aegis Network Dentsu
Jorge Chavez MD Latam, Reprise & Cadreon Cadreon
Myrialdekh Delgado Luna Gerente de Marketing Liverpool MX
Ricardo Perez Baez IMC Global Marketing Communications Director GRUPO BIMBO
Andres Azpilicueta Chief Digital Officer Publicis Media
Stephania Fincatti Customer Acquisition and Retention Walmart

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