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Actor, recording-artist and producer Diego Boneta is a rising star in the international scene. His accomplishments and impact across cultures and geographies and several media (film, TV, OTT, music streaming) are a good example of the versatility that performers will require in the future.

Film critic and journalist Oscar Uriel will host a thoughtful conversation with Diego, touching on the challenges he has faced and most importantly his views on an entertainment industry that is rapidly evolving towards multiple media, the ever increasing offering of content and the role of brands and advertising as partners for growth in the industry.

Aside from talking about his plans for the future, Diego will reflect about what drives him at a personal level to get up every morning and kickstart his day in full gear. View Less

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  1. customers
  2. entretainment
  3. pop culture

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Diego Boneta Actor, Singer & Producer
Oscar Uriel Film Critic/ TV Presenter/ Film and Theatre Producer

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