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The localization of global ad content is one of the fastest-growing trends in the advertising industry. As local companies grow, more diverse content is required to effectively communicate across channels and markets, and brands find the need to use their assets across borders to increase speed to market, gain competitive advantage, increase efficiency and better manage their communication channels.

Those of us in marketing have seen it coming for a while. More and more brands find the need to generate more content across borders, yet seek ways to reduce costs and increase speed to market as their operations grow. In this session we will discuss navigating this landscape with some of the region's biggest players, best practices when managing content within Latin America and beyond with experts from Despegar, Honeywell and Nissan, and where they see the future of cross-channel advertising. We will discuss digital integration along with their take on in-house agencies vs traditional agency engagement model, their take on this new ad landscape, and the future of advertising beyond borders. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Digital content management as a local, regional and global solution
  2. Best Practices from some of the region's largest advertisers
  3. Key takeaways on better regional/local collaboration and advertising management
  4. What increased efficiency with the ad process looks like

Presented with


Juan Pablo Munevar Director of Strategy and Business Development Adstream
Gabriel Rosillo Head of Marketing
Hector Zamudio Digital Manager Nissan Latam

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