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Acast - the largest podcast platform in the world - will bring together top podcasters Lydia Bright and Jamie Laing as well as Jorma Kremser of BOSE for a look at just why the medium is exploding in popularity. Hear from Lydia and Jamie on what it takes to create a hit podcast. Jorma will explain how BOSE has made podcasts a focal part of its marketing strategy whilst Sophie Herdman - UK content director for Acast - will share just why audio has become the centre of the universe for so many creators and brands such as these.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Why podcasts are so popular for both listeners and advertisers
  2. What it takes to create a hit podcast
  3. How brands are investing in and seeing results from podcasts

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Joe Copeman UK Country Manager Acast
Jorma Kremser Global Media Manager BOSE
Lydia Bright Podcaster The Brights
Sophie Herdman UK Content Director Acast
Jamie Laing Podcaster Private Parts

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Event Type Seminar

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