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From the merging of creativity, technology and data, to working across borders in multi-disciplined teams, Dimi will share the secrets of the international success of Dept and how to deliver global results with the speed, agility and feel of a local, flexible agency. Hear how an agency can grow from 100 people in 1 market, to 1200 people in 11 markets in just three years. In this engaging interview, Laura Swinton, Editor in Chief at Little Black Book, will ask CEO Dimi Albers how Dept is reinventing the agency model.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How to bundle various creative, tech and data specialisms together into integrated teams for clients?
  2. How do you grow while retaining a culture that feels like a 50-person agency: nimble, fast, fun, with as little hierarchy and as much entrepreneurship as possible?
  3. Why is now a good time for agencies to be expanding into other territories?


Dimi Albers CEO Dept
Laura Swinton Editor in Chief and MD Little Black Book

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