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Facebook’s Julien Decot and VidMob's Alex Collmer will share the 2019 playbook for creating for growth. You'll learn how to optimize ad design, use creative to find your best customers and apply data to the creative process.

When learning is part of the creative process, ads perform significantly better. Imagine your campaign decay curves never decay, because your ads keep getting better and smarter. That is now possible with Creative Data, powered by AI, which is changing how the biggest brands in the world are designing, analyzing and optimizing video ads.
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What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Create ads around well-defined customer motivations
  2. Use broad targeting to create with more specificity
  3. Use creative data to pinpoint which details in your video ads are influencing results


Alex Collmer Founder and CEO VidMob
Julien Decot Director of Marketing Partnerships, EMEA Facebook

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