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As Empire and Picturehouse celebrate their joint 30th Birthday, Terri White (Editor in Chief, Empire) and Clare Binns (Joint Managing Director, Picturehouse Cinemas) will be joined by Oscar winning producer Mia Bays and BAFTA winning producer Stephen Woolley to discuss the importance of breaking rules in the industry.

Only one month after the first Picturehouse cinema in Oxford opened its doors, Empire’s inaugural magazine hit the shelves with the intent of becoming the world’s largest movie destination. It was May 1989 when Empire introduced its fresh, modern format of delivering the best in interviews, news and reviews in film and entertainment.

Picturehouse also broke new ground by aiming to stand out among its competitors. Focusing on spaces beyond the auditorium, Picturehouse Cinemas quickly became much more than just that – they were also community hubs where customers and filmmakers alike were welcome to meet, eat, hang out, drink, take a class or even bring along their pets.

Taking highlights from both Empire and Picturehouse's histories as a lifting point, this panel will ask how challenging industry conventions has informed their work across film publication, exhibition, criticism, production and distribution, demonstrating the rewards that taking risk can reap. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. A deeper understanding of the necessity of risk-taking in business
  2. Insights into the film industry from key figures who work across several key sectors
  3. An insight into the current and historical projects of Empire Magazine and Picturehouse Cinemas.


Terri White Editor-In-Chief, Empire Bauer Media
Clare Binns Joint Managing Director Picturehouse Cinemas
Mia Bays Producer Sundance: London
Francine Stock Presenter The Film Programme
Stephen Woolley Producer Number 9 Films

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