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An interactive session exploring how the gender of a voice assistant can shape our subconscious responses, based on recent neuroscience research carried out in partnership between Mindshare & Neuro Insight.

Jeremy Pounder (Mindshare) and Heather Andrew (Neuro-Insight) will lead a discussion involving a group quiz, live brain measurements and prizes for the winning team!

The rise of voice assistance has pitched the tech world's gender diversity issues into a new arena, and raised the question 'why are so many digital assistants female?'

The tech giants say that they are responding to user preferences, yet most survey data suggests people don't mind either way. But given the sensitivity of the issue, perhaps people don’t say what they really think…

By measuring brain activity while people interact with voice assistants, we can start to understand how people respond at the unconscious level:

•Do people really prefer female voices?
•How does the type of information communicated affect how people respond to the gender?
•Do Millennials respond differently to older generations?

This interactive session will share findings from Neuro-Insight and Mindshare’s recent neuroscience study and explore the emerging gender issues around voice activated marketing.
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What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. In the voice era, brands will need to think hard about their tone of voice and in particular the gender of the voice
  2. Our neuroscience research shows that different age groups & genders respond quite differently to the gender of a voice assistant
  3. The brain responds more positively to different genders for certain types of interaction – should brands tap into this or does that reinforce existing stereotypes?


Jeremy Pounder Futures Director Mindshare
Heather Andrew CEO Neuro-Insight UK

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