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In this session...

The story of how two would-be competitors left their ego's at the door to build a bespoke model of sports marketing model spanning strategy, creative, social and partnerships.

This new, mission-oriented model is designed around principles of being agile, entrepreneurial and above all, an ability to embrace change; all factors our experience has taught us that the great marketers of today are looking for.

Could this collaborative model of working be a blueprint for future success in the industry?

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Hear about how two agencies came together and how we set this new model up.
  2. Hear how we shaped this model to be more than the idea of a one-stop-shop, and more about creating a team who work together to deliver results.
  3. Hear how this model has been validated in practice in real life across multiple clients.


Louise Johnson CEO Fuse
Simon Dent Founder Dark Horses
Keir Mather Founder Neon Bridge

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