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Is the creative industry doing enough to stop young talent turning the other way? Join our diverse panel of experts at Advertising Week in association with the Creative Industries Federation to discuss

How to stay relevant and provide viable careers to the most entrepreneurial, knowledgable and creative generation yet and to answer the question:

Is the creative industry doing enough to attract a diverse representation of Gen Z talent?

"The promise of a stable career for the long term is gone. The glorification of weekend work, the daily routine of office-based working, which inevitably dulls one’s creativity – this is no longer a sacrifice that people have to make, and so they don’t and they won’t." Faros Yakob

Some argue that the creative industry is in the midst of an existential crisis and that great, young creative talent is turned off and looking elsewhere.

Where did it all gone wrong?

Is it because younger people are challenging conventional career paths, conventional labour and outmoded working practices?

Is it perhaps the lack of role models or relatable middle managers who’ve been squeezed out by wider financial pressures?

Are they simply unaware of the roles available to them in our industry?

Or are they just turned off by big corporations, old boy networks, a lack of transparency and the ‘in my day’ brigade?

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What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. What can you do to attract the best young talent to your business
  2. What does a typical Gen Zedder expect from a workplace
  3. What does the future look like for the creative industry

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Will Pyne Chief Creative Officer Brave Bison
Anna Jones Co-Founder AllBright
Nancy Lengthorn Head of Future Talent, Diversity and Inclusion MediaCom
Kesang Ball Co-Founder trippin

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