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This panel investigates contextual storytelling, and how it can be applied for digital publishers and marketers. As user experience, video and new advertising models make headlines, equip yourself with the tools to reach consumers with advertising in the right context.

We'll look at the theory behind contextual advertising, and hear how it affects advertising and web publishing.

- How does our brain respond when we experience things like 'out stream video', social media, or programmatic ads?

- What are the motives behind where we share our experiences, and how can marketers use those to our advantage?

- How are new types of consumer behaviours emerging as a result of online platforms?

We'll hear three sets of theories from a set of scientists and academics, then we'll speak to a publisher on how these theories relate to the daily grind of web publications. How can we learn from science and create better environments for online advertising. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How contextual advertising affects our minds
  2. Whether in-stream, out-stream or social media video is most powerful
  3. How publishers can create the best environments for advertisers


Alexandra Georgakopoulou-Nunes Professor Kings College London
Luc Benyon Head of Marketing video intelligence
Ali Jennings Neuroscientist
Leslie Hallam Course Director, Psychology of Advertising Lancaster University

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