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It’s no secret that the world is changing before our eyes. From the way we digest news, watch films, eat and exercise, to the way we work and how our children play. So how can businesses adapt to these rapid changes to remain relevant to their customers whilst remaining true to their brand? Dennis hosts a panel of experts who have put change at the centre of their business model, and come out on top.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Learn how businesses can be sustainable over decades by innovating and evolving to meet new trends and challenges.
  2. Understand why authenticity and passion are important for brands long-term success.
  3. Learn how you can develop and evolve yourself to be successful and have a rewarding media career.
  4. Don't stand still, make this session.

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Julian Lloyd-Evans Chief Revenue Officer Dennis
Paul Blanchard Founder Right Angles
Paul Davies Consumer Marketing Director Microsoft
Steven Bartlett CEO Social Chain Group
Emma Scott CEO Beano Studios

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