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Both education and industry know there is a problem with diversity and inclusivity. It's still the same sorts of faces that rise to the top in industry and shine in education. While both businesses and colleges can point to examples of people from diverse backgrounds in their staff/student bodies, they are more exception than rule. This session brings representatives of industry and academia together with students to discuss ways of working in partnership to create a truly diverse industry.

Arguably the structures in industry and academia determine the career trajectories and chances of women, BAME, LGBTQ and disabled New Gen. This panel asks whether new relationships between Universities and Businesses can act as a springboard to a more diverse future; whether it is up to industry and academia to change to enable change.

Chaired by Mia Powell of the Advertising Week NewGen Council, the panel features Dr Paul Caplan from London College of Communication and his students who will present the results of a new way of working between industry and academia that looks to develop New Gen leaders. The panel will discuss new models for education and training and explore how they can be more inclusive and diverse. View Less

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  1. Awareness of debates around diversity and inclusivity in education and recruitment
  2. Understanding of emerging models of academia-industry partnerships
  3. Critical appreciation of challenges faced around building diverse workforces and partnerships

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Dr. Paul Caplan Course Leader MA in Advertising London College of Communication
Mia Powell Head of New Business Prettybird
Hannah Flynn Student London College of Communication
Federico Gianfreda Student London College of Communication
Alice Ng Student London College of Communication
Emma Lynch Student London College of Communication
Alex Bellinger Student London College of Communication

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