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"The Millennial Disruption" explores the impact of the internet and modern technologies on the millennials' consumer behaviour and why so many legacy brands are struggling in the digital era. It features interviews with industry leaders from
The Economist, Marie Claire, Bentley, Jaguar Land Rover, Steinway & Sons and Gary Vaynerchuk.

Join the film's creator as she dissects the 9 major factors that impact the millennial generation’s social and economic behaviour: 1) Abundance of Choice 2) Attitude Towards Health & Wellness 3) Closing the Gender Gap 4) Diversity and Immigration 5) Entertainment (how they consume media) 6) Influence of Peers VS. Seniors 7) The Financial Climate 8) The Speed of Change 9) The Why.


Somi Arian Producer & Director; Founder & Managing Director Smart Cookie Media

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